Heart and Soul

Dont Get Up Until Its EPIC





Thinking, and Thinking, and Thinking.

Your mind is looking for excuses, reasons to get up and leave the room, leave the key board, leave the pen, numb the mind, numb the soul, by doing something less, You want to do something LESS.

I wanna get up right now. I want to go outside. Start the car and drive aimlessley. I want to lose myself in dreams of grandeur and let the work rot here. I know I’ll come back and get some of it done. But it wont be epic.

It wont be any good. It will be fucking awesome to everybody else, but to me, I know, I know, it will always be Crap. That crapness will hang around my head and drop into my ambition like an anvil from the sky, and it will start a crack that will crumble my resolve to my vice.

My vice?

SELF DOUBT. The Voice that stops me Mid Sentence to QUESTION Everything I say. EVERY FUCKIN THING.

No Sleep Till Its DoneĀ 

Thats my rule tonight. No Sleep Till Its Done.

No days Off till it flies.

I will OutLoVe this work. My whole story of lifeĀ has been about OutHating my greatest gifts.

” When you get committed on such a level, the sky is literally the limit. That is what has turned the impossible into the possible and is what makes the difference between an Epic Life and an ordinary one.” ~ Scott Dinsmore (R.I.P)

Deep Work of Carl Newport

He doesnt have a facebook page. He doesnt tweet. Doesnt send many emails. Yet, thousands of miles away in my third world hole in the most violent city in the pacific, in the most violent suburb of that city, I know Carl Newport. I know his name. I read his books.

David Hieatt. Do lectures. I am gonna buy a pair of jeans from his company. DO.

Simrana Mitra. Bought all her books. Read them as well. BOOTSTRAP.

Deep Work. Deep Thinking. Think Small. Go Big. One at a time.


“When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time. ”
–Lady Gaga