Heart and Soul

That Early Morning Post

Its black out right now.  Means the power supply in our suburb is down.

I spent a few hours tonight fixing Git on my computer as it was denying me the ability to clone a private repo.

Finally figured it out after at least an hour and some.

One thing about developing a craftsman focus on business and code as well as communication is that, you must clear your mind of any external expectation of success in society. Or basically forget about grandeur ideas of what the future may look like.

Because as an artist, a craftsman, your vision will become  the tool that works against you. Yes. There is good vision and there is bad vision.

Good vision drives you to the point of mental and physical exhaustion, and then beyond.

Bad vision, yes, bad vision, leads to grandeur visions before the real work is done.

It then leads you to lies, ostentatious displays of egos that really are a front for weakness and laziness.

Back to the Git story. I finally figured out what I needed to do, but in the process, I learnt and re-learnt a few things.

  • Git Commands I forgot
  • Terminal Commands I forgot
  • OSX Keychains

But the biggest wisdom I re-acquired is that of focus. When I cleared my mind of junk thoughts, I quickly made good leaps in learning that got me closer to the answer. When I didnt, the wild beasts of my imagination, had a riot, completely distracting me from the job at hand and instead having me imagine what would happen when this project is success.

A true artist focuses on the small nuances at hand, he works tirelessly, consistently to bring as much as his genius as well as the simplicity to the fore of any creation.

The Narrow Distance Between Beautiful Work and Loud Noise

The noise is loud. The loud is distracting. The loud is an itch. The loud is a scream.The loud is the need to be in a place and many places, thinking that this is a place to replace all places. Yet, its all the same. Its all just noise. Noise.

Every night for the last few weeks, I go to sleep with the picture of my son in my hand. We have never met. Its complicated. I just want to meet him now.

My whole life is complicated. As I got older, instead of the complicated leading to significant achievement, instead, just incredible noise. Noise from family, noise from lovers, noise from teachers, noise from freinds, noise from my childhood, noise from high school and university and noise for all the small things, all the books I need to read, all the shit I need to become, all the latest tweets, blogs, hash tags and trends.

Noise. Where has the noise led me?

Sometimes all you is another person screaming to be heard, next to everything that is screaming around you.

How To Quit the Noise

There is only one way to quit, and that is to CHOOSE the quiet and carefully planned space to occupy. We must Choose it with Intent. The quiet, deep, hardworking and focused person, willing to be exhausted on the art, is a deliberate intent process. Our daily affirmations either create quiet or noise. Quiet is not a form of cowardice or avoidance, rather its the embrace of a philosophy to put your heart, soul and your intelligence to create good and beautiful work. In this age, where we are all chasing scale, its beauty that is what we want, we all want to be unique, to be recognised for good work and more.  Quitting noise is hard. You have to quit facebook, and night clubs, and reading all kinds of short posts and tweets, and random conversations. You replace this with a calm intent to look for what you want, to have conversations and learning on what you need.

Quitting the noise is a deliberate, complete commitment with intent to increase the quiet.

Why Become Wealthy Through the Craftman Ethos? 

Since I was a kid, I wanted to build a business.

And I did it. It was successful for a bit, and then it failed. Or rather, I did business suicide and just quit.

… so , Googled an image of me just today, and saw a really nice photo of me from that time.

I looked young and clean…and really, really fake. It was at this moment when this photo was take, that I forgot about the focus that helped me build an exciting little business, and start worring about what others thought of me. There was some stuff happening in my personal life,and I gave in to the noise… I wanted its attention.

It was the moment I forgot who and what I was, an incredibly smart and hard working guy who wanted to build something cool.

Looking back, I know what I did and how I did everything to make it work.

Simple rules like

  • Think really hard about a problem.
  • Think deeper,
  • Work harder than everyone else,
  • Pitch and Develop Ideas based on business models that may work.
  • I didnt pay as much attention to the way I looked etc, it was I delivered, from my bedroom and later at offices in the city, that helped me cross the line and build a small company that at one time employed fourteen young people.
  • Quitting addictions.
  • Strategically reducing distractive relationships
  • And I had a beard.

Building this new company is really important to me. And my kid. I want to build as a small enterprise with one beautiful product going forward.

Some of the new techniques to implement are all learnt recently. These include;

  • Zero phasing
  • Mastermind modelling
  • Cashflow sheets
  • Profit first
  • KPIs
  • Suicide Sheets
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once
  • One Time Production

Building a small and beautiful company from Koki is important to me.

What Is A Craft?

There is a difference between a general knife and a beautifully crafted one.

A craft is something with soul. When you put your soul into something, your heart, your emotions and your dedication to realising the curves, the lines, the hues in your creation, that thing is bought and shared and becomes valuable as time goes by.

Its value compounds for whomever is the owner of it.

In sport, there are good players, and there are those who treat it like a craft.

They have their rhythm, things they like to do, consistently. The train more hours on deliberate goals, like Kobe Bryant, shooting 800 successful baskets before calling it a session. They practice with success as a deliberate intent. They speak, act and be, with deliberate intent.

A craftsman sets a path and a goal together as one. There is no seperation of the path and the goal. Lebron James is a good example of someone who realised that the path and goal as the same thing. In 2012, he quit his mobile phone, his social media accounts,  ‘everything’. The year before, while playing for Maimi, he had lost the finals and he was upset. And determined to win. It all came down to his mental state, and what he was allowing in during the playoffs that was costing his performance and ultimately the performance of the rest of the team. So he hunkered down, quitting his phone and social media. He call it ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. It also meant he watched what he read, like only reading hunger games and other novels and books.

Lebron James wanted to win a championship. He was already a great player. He just didnt have the trophy, the reason fans turned up to watch him play. The reason the team mates looked up to him.

A true craftsman is a like Lebron, someone who works at producing for others the full package of a gift, and not just hideaway working on his art, or relying on his talent. In Basketball, Allen Iverson is an example of a sheer talent in the hands of someone who could not work harder at his total craft.

The best catholics in a community, are those like my late uncle pat, who were rigious in their daily routine, which allowed them time to check on members of the community that needed help.  A true craftman is rigorous in his/her execution of what is important.

True craftsman shit is the no days off, total dedication to the craft. Its quiiting all distractions, setting crazy skill-intent building program ad hitting each KPI, each carve, over and over again. True craftsman is the both the path and goal of inducing beauty.

What is Beautiful

My son is beautiful. We have never met. Yet I know he is beautiful.

Beautiful is what wakes you up in the morning, its what drags your arse to the front of the computer, to make the calls and kill your suicide sheets. Beautiful is what you live for. Someone wrote a book called Start With Why? , I think that answer is shallow as fuck.

Instead start with Beautiful.

The Path and the Goal is Beautiful. Beautiful stress, beautiful solitude, beautiful KPI’s, Beautiful work ethic…Beautiful.

There is no other path for a craftsman. However, beauty is not in what is completely perfectly.

Beauty is in the epic 800 – 2000 word articles on a subject we have poured our heart and mind into writing in one sitting x 50 sittings over several days.

Beauty is the passion to go over a line over and over and over, to be obsessive as you know you want to bring out the best in it.

The Japanese took their deep understanding of beauty in their culture, and made it work in their economy.

The Kaizen, the 5 s,  these are not to make things perfect, but to continously improve the quality of a product. Its not perfect. Its flawed beauty.

The Japanese ideas of beauty to me, are really about taking what you have and making something beautiful out of it.

What do I have?

  • I am very creative
  • I am tenacious
  • I am smart
  • I have a house
  • I have a car
  • I have computers
  • I have skills 
  • I have a goal and a path:

I have a goal: Take my company from zero to $200,000 in Annual Revenue, work hard now to get it established, so that when my son comes, I will have a good amount of one-on-one time to spend with him, to watch him grow.

This is beautiful. This is craftsmanship. It doesnt have to be perfect. But it must show the total commitment of your soul to deliver a beautiful path.

Why Am I Writing This  

Over the last 3 – 7 years, my writing, my real ability to write, has become rotten. It has been a reflection of myself really. In the effort to get the words back into the hand, and back into the heart, I am writing this.

I wrote a serious of questions here, of why and how I wanted to create a CRAFT Focused company.

A company that puts its time and energy and passion into building good products for communities, producing good media, practicing business fundamentals and incrementing towards the goal, and the next one behind it.

I want to create a company and a lifestyle of flawed beauty. Something that my son will instinctively know, I built this for him.

Thats why I am writing all of this. I am better with the written word. I am writing this for him.

Why Abandon Social Media

I am Papua New Guinean. I live in Port Moresby. When I was younger and began to build my first company, social media really meant very little to me.

A few years later, I had some problems and became really insecure, and I was on social media alot. I even changed the way I looked and dressed so my profile picture would look better. After sometime, the engineering on FB became the barometer of how I felt offline. And slowly it began to eat into my code and who I was. I have had alot of social media hookups and disasters.

I have suffered a much more deeper loss of business and reputation because of my social media activity in recent years.  I have heaps of freinds because of it, I am less intense because of it. But still, I am so far away from where I want to be right now.

Its not social media’s fault. I have just used it as an excuse, 5 minute posts have turned into two hours of scrolling. I have turned it into a major tool of craft distraction.

So I am quitting it. Abandoning my FB account. I hardly post on twitter. All my work online is for the company.

Why Business? 

When I was young, a wrote these three goals I wanted to achieve. I have achieved none of them. I would like my kid to know, not that I tried, but that I put my heart and soul into making one of them happen.

This is why I am building a better, beautiful company. A small, craft business.

What would it require for Craft to Work in Business? 

It only requires commitment. I already know the path.

  • Good Product
  • Factory Model
  • A Steady Consultancy
  • Hitting Your KPIs
  • Profit First Model
  • Building a Bank
  • Monthly Cashflow and Expense Statements
  • EPIC Work Ethic
  • Winning Business Proposals
  • Technical Books
  • Technical Education
  • Technical Team

What it doesn’t require.

  • A large team
  • Networking events, workshops and training
  • A personal social media account
  • Advise from my freinds
  •  Self-Help Books
  • Ted Talks
  • Unreliable assistance

Why Haven’t I Written the First Song

One personal ambition has always been to write a song. I am just coward about it. Now with the dedication to build a better, beautiful communication company, and with my son coming soon, for a visit or to stay, writing that one song and getting it out there, is important to my soul. Its Soultant.

Praying & Surfing

I decided to join a small prayer group. I want to have a social circle that talks about other things in life.

I’ll also spend more time surfing.


I am going to go look for a coffee now. If you have read this, I make a commitment to you, that all my writing from this point forward, will be epic on every level, infused with the ethos of a craftman.