Heart and Soul

U Could Do That Amazing Shit

Yes, We Can – B.Obama

We can do the most amazing shit. Like seriously. What we can image on our fucked up minds, we can achieve.

We are brilliant beyond our own abilities.  We can do the most achieving things.

Here is how:

Step 1

Set A Vision so Big

This is how you know your vision is fucking nuts. It has to fill you with an insane amount of doubt. Not a small amount. AN INSANE AMOUNT OF DOUBT.

Step 2

Convince yourself that it is possible. Everybody starts of facing forwards, by choosing ambitions that they little doubt about achieving.

Start the other way. Your VISION must be filled with doubt. and  DO THE WORK

CONVINCE YOURSELF that your VISION is Possible.

  • Wake up in the morning and tell yourself that it is possible
  • Put it on your toilet wall, write it on your favourite cup.
  • Change all your passwords to your Visions one Word.
  • Read every book you can find about your vision.
  • Put in some music and dance to your vision.
  • Convince yourself, just pump yourself, just make yourself think about it, talk about it, do it non-stop

Step 3

Own Your Day.

No matter how fucked up it gets, or how good it gets.


Here’s my Map

  • Do Your Suicides: Set One Task you need to do for the Day, It has to be job related. Take out a peice of paper, break the task down into its smaller components and put a time against each one. And write a completion goal for each one. Now Suicide on the tasks. Do it until that Task is complete. Take breaks in between, whatever your routine, but dont go to sleep until you have done a minute or more on each task you listed, or better still, complete the task. Do this everyday, you will get managing your energy and become clearer on how big a task is and how much can you do.
  • Dont Give a Fuck: Everybody in the world, is just another person. Don’t give a fuck about their titles or whether they are gatekeepers. This is important. The biggest hurdle infront of you, is not so much your abilities, but some kunt who you have given the power to say ‘no’ to you. YOu need to figure your strategy out. Sometimes you have to call them 0ne thousand times a week. Other times you have to outwork and out hustle.   Other times you have to become so good they can ignore. Or you just have to be so fucking desperate that they feel sorry for you..

Step 4

Nipponise Your Managment

Japan was bombed by a fucking nuclear weapon. Not once, but twice. They were reduced to ashes. More than 3 Quarters of their population was killed in the war.

And Yet.

Japan rose.

They innovated the fuck out of management. They become the best motherfucking managers in the world, or they bought the best managers, or they stole/copied the best management ideas in the world.

You have to NIPPONISE your management. You got to get effecient with your time, your money, your energy, your life…. whatever the fuck that is important, you have to become the most amazing Manager in the world.

Doubt comes from mis-management. You got to manage the shit out of your doubt.

You have to have the best philosophy about management.

Kobe Bryant shot 800 successfull baskets before he called it quits on training. Thats Management. He worked until he became insanely efficient at the motions, the process, the ability to hit baskets.

He called it the ‘Black Mamba’.

The Toyota called it Kaizen.

Mine is called The Agit.

Have a management philosophy, and give it a name.

Step 5

Take No Days Off.

Do the Work.

Work. Work. Work. Work.

Hit your KPI’s, your targets, just have the most insane fucking drive in the motherfucking world to do the work.

Kobe Bryant did the work.

Mike Milken did the work.

Mahatma Ghandi did the work.

Mother Teresa did the work.

The Rock does the work.

Do the WORK. When people see you, when they talk to you, when they try to talk to you, they should know, you should know, fuck you dont need to tell them shit, they should know, anybody should know –>you are doing the work.

Step 6

Read as much as you can. Read by first crossing out the word inspiration from your mind, coz you know what your vision is. Read actively to implement ideas, add on or eliminate process from your management process, read to push your ideas one step further, one step beyond the edge of tommorrow.

Step 7

Monk Mode.

Put your heart, mind, soul, everything into your management philosophy.

Put it all into your work.

Quit your social media account. Quit your average friends. Dump your average partner. Quit anything that makes you ineffecient. Just spend one hour, list them all and quit them all.

Dump them in a fucking garbage chute and pushed then out of that window.