Heart and Soul

The Crazy Nuigini Wild Dog and the Woman in Blue

I had a vision once.

I saw her standing there, a woman in blue.

I have a feeling that I dont have very long to go. I am not sad about this. I have had a great run.

These are my rules for the final burn:

. Write some ridicously good songs, put some good ‘fuck it up’ in it.
. start a rebellion
. disruption is ridiculous. Plus all these new agey ideas. Just put the rest of your time, energy, whatever into making everything you do as dangerous as fucking possible. Just be dangerous.
. Write crap everyday. Actually go back, dig all shit up, and retype all that crap.
. be hard to reach and hard to touch. Just stay out of touch and control as much as possible.
. Deliver my amazing paradise.
. Tell peoples stories. Flood peoples lives with the underground shit.
. Turn Koki haus into an art house.
. Channel AKI, Melanesian Art, My Amazing Paradise, all that shit, channel it.
. Focus hard on thinking deeper with whatever I have.
. Ignore my health, take no days off, push the art.
. Fuck the money. Build like a lunatic.
. Build Jivemarket.com to 18% in one month.
. Blast music and work out every day.
. Get of Facebook/Instagram and all that shit, create ‘Life is Short and Dangerous Art, where those who choose risk, want to die” persona, and put all you got into.