Heart and Soul

Where Does the Moment of Quitting Happens

There is Fucked Up Stress and Great Fucking Stress

I have been on the edge of personal choice. We all get this choice on a daily basis, when we are at the crossroads of circumstance and choice, we get to make a choice, because pure constant stream of minute choices shape our destiny.

Its insanely easy to be average and successful. Just be on the path you are on.Thats all. I can be smart and average. I can be alright and do alright. I got to stop thinking about all the places I want to see, things I want to do, this country I want to change. I cant just do all of that, and expect that I’ll see I just focus on myself and my shit and do stupid posts on FB and I’ll be fine.


I dont wanna be average, I want to do the work. I want to make the daily choice, and the minute choices and the fucking loneliness that comes with being fucking Great.

Zuckerberg is not posting on Facebook right now, he is building Facebook. So other average people can come on and say ‘Fuck You Bitches’.

And the average, take what Zuckerberg has built, and LEVERAGE it.

The great people, the insane people, those who think differently are buried deep in the MACHINE that personal choice has created for them to build something big and insane and wonderful and beautiful.

Life is about being an artist, and the greats are artists while the average are sheep.

The greats are warriors who dont get if the bus while its burning. Because they know that they are the ‘Burning Bus Driver’, they are the only ones with the fortitude and the do or die spirit to drive the bus. They work so fucking hard to drive that bus to the edge of tommorrow. Coz they know its a magic bus, at some point the fires start to go out, it starts work.

I am stressed because the bus is burning. And I have to start driving.

I have to do 300 trellos per day: —> GRIT//CODE
I have to put in the hours and the dedicated work for all the processes. —> GAMBARU
I have to do zero to one on my own. —> GAMBARU
I have to continously work with everyone on my system. —> GAMBARU
I have to commplete the last outstanding contract. —-> GRIT
I need to hit my KPIs. —> GAMABARU

I have to own everything. Sisu