300 Tickets of Courage

“Do More in A Second, than you would in a Minute. Do more in a Minute than you would in an Hour. Do More in An Hour than you would in a Day, do more in a Day, then you would in Ten Days”……

I was in my 20’s when my friend and bro Joe died. I only knew him for 3 years. We met at Uni. I was in my second and he was in his first year. We started the Sandaun students club together and had the most amazing year with all the kids in our club.

He was a phenomena. Smart, charismatic, fearless, a super athlete, a great guy.

I thought he would make a fine Prime Minister one day.

It wasnt to be. Joe died the year after he graduated. I saw him the week before he passed. Joe had leukemia. His death pushed me into an extra-ordinary period of my life.

I quit my job and started a small company. Probably the bravest thing I have ever done.

But as time has gone by, so has the bravery.

Instead, there is false modesty and just a deep, deep, falseness, a malaise in guise of courage that I cling too like a bad swimmer holding on to anything that floats.

What you fear does not make you stronger.

Facing that fear does. Facing with your whole heart and soul.

… and letting go of the false bravado.

You either swim or you drown. Or you hang, and life and all your dreams, sunset before your eyes and you are alive, while you watch your life.

“Do More in A Second, than you would in a Minute. Do more in a Minute than you would in an Hour. Do More in An Hour than you would in a Day, do more in a Day, then you would in Ten Days”……

Time. Every second counts. Every second spent on the most intense and purposeful and boring and painful and scariest part of what you want to do counts. To not think. To not argue. To not come up with excuses. To set your heart and mind like a sword and cut through all your defenses and act.

300 Tickets of Courage  

I have 300 trellos of action. This is all my tasks that I need to do. Turning this into 300 trellos of courage. The only way we can be as brilliant as we can be, to live a life and be as ‘rich’ in all ways, is through courage for the right action, all the time. And I need to record or have a way to hold myself accountable to courage. Because courage is the key, its the only key left, for the last cage of life.

The courage to track my daily expenses.

The courage to hold myself accountable for my daily failures.

The courage to do what I promise to do.

The courage to love the woman I want.

The courage to ask for what I want.

The courage to ask for the help to write the songs that must be written.

The courage to quit what I need to quit.

Nothing but courage. To take extreme ownership of courage.

The Audience  of One

There is no audience. Once a goal is set, and the winds are in the sail, it is the journey, not the race that counts. There is the audience of one, and its just me. One day, there will be others. But everyday, its just one.

Design and test and design and test according to what will work for you. Think harder, and think deeper on every little aspect. Reach further and further and make something great happen out there, just for you. Create everything the way you see it. And dont bother if others don’t see it the way you do.  At some point, people buy the execution of your vision. As it enables their world better than then the alternative, and that is what it comes down to…enabling their world.


Make every second count. Every second should be selfishly guarded. Every second should be selfishly focused. There cant be any excuses for wasting a second on wasted thoughts and ideals that are vain and cowardly and full of misplaced hope. Hope is not a good thing. Hope is a waste of thought and actions. You must fight right down to the last, to the last breath, to the last ounce of thought and will to live and breath. That is why not time management, but time ownership is fundamental to realising you.

  • Dont go to places you know you will waste time at, whether deliberately or not.
  • Dont go and meet people and not bring your laptop. You are working all the time.
  • Dont do projects that are rob you from your real purpose that bothers you more than anything.
  • Dont waste your time with people who waste time.

Total utter commitment to your actions, requires total utter commitment to your TIME.

Work Really Fucking Hard 

Noone can do what you. So you need to work really fucking hard to make sure that no one ever will. You want to build that smart database, and that accomodation booking system. You need to work really fucking hard, every second of everyday.

Dont Break the Chain

The total commitment, day in and day out, to the struggle of taking nothing and making water drip from it. Do this every day. 300 Trellos, absolute time ownership, audience of one, working really fucking hard.

Get Quiet and Stop Talking

No more talking. Just work. Work really, really hard. Go to ground, Grit, Gambaru, Sisu. The AGIT.

The Agit is Grit, Gambaru Sisu cycle. GRIT , work really hard. GAMBARU – perform this duty everyday. SISU -> Add ART, go one step further, act with audacity.  Push one last step really, really hard.


Focus everything on just one thing. Everything, all your energy, money, time, totally commit to just one thing.


Time is running out for me. I can feel it. This website will be a litany of my journey, experiences and thoughts. I dont seek to inspire anyone. I seek to make money, make ideas work, and in the end, pinch myself and say, did I do that.

My brother Joe could have been Prime Minister. But he died. Years ago. I am still alive, yet I am not what I could and should be.

I will do this. Or I will quit for good. And I never quit.