Avoid Toxic People – The World is Too Big for You to be dealing with Small Minds.

(written May 7, 2011)

One of popular writer Jack Canfield’s  message in his bestseller, ‘The Success Principles’ is to avoid toxic people at all costs.

There are people who can be very negative towards you or have a negative influence on you.

It could be other co-workers, family members, team mates and even your friends.

Instead of helping you succeed in what you are doing, they hold you back with their mediocre standards, negative thinking and victim mentality.

If you are in hot pursuit of your dreams, you need to avoid them.

It’s better to surround yourself with uplifting positive influences then negativity.

Spend time with ambitious friends, thinkers, dreamers and doers.

Be with people who think about the future and can imagine what is possible, people who are always positive and not those who tell you that what you want to do is impossible and try to break your spirit with their pettiness.

Avoid them, the world is too big for you to be dealing with small minds.