A Small Bit of My Qualifications

I have used React and React Native, Express js and other Javascript libraries. I have worked SQL engines including SQLlite3 and POSTGres. I have worked with API’s from various clients.
I have tested PouchDb and CouchDb.

I was part of the Dev Team that built the Harvestr.nz application and deployed it on Heroku.

I have understanding of programming fundamentals including Functions and high order functions, Data types (objects, arrays, etc.), Data structures and algorithms, Functional programming and Object Orientation, Control flow with conditionals and iterators, Asynchronous programming (file system, database, and network), Testing, GitHub and Git, Pull requests, Code reviews, Debugging techniques in the browser and on the server, Command line interface, Editors – Sublime Text or Atom, Building a web server from scratch with Node and Express, HTTP protocol, Designing RESTful routes for resources and TDD, Server side rendering using tempting engines, Creation and migrations on relational databases, Creating and testing web APIs, Consuming third party web APIs, Client side JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React and Redux), Cookies, sessions and authentication, Social login and OAuth