My Promise

  1. I put everything into making the best for my clients. I only do work I am proud off. I work harder, further, better, faster, everyday to produce results. If I am not winning, then it is my failure.What you get from me is little talk and alot of hardwork.
  2.  I produce great work in volume, all day, everyday. I will go broke, I will have a heart attack, I will lose friends and alienate family, whatever it takes. I will sacrifice the hours and the important moments to ensure that the best products/services are built by my company for my clients.
  3. I never take a day off.
  4. I break all work into modules, and then I kill myself to achieve these modules. The ones I cant complete, I get help.
  5. I don’t work with dreamers and people who talk more than they do.
  6. I build/provide services that earn money to maintain revenue.
  7. I build large services that earn re-occuring revenue all the time.
  8. I own everything that I am part off.
  9. I stretch myself everyday to make sure that I am always at the edge of something great happening.
  10. I will change PNG in the process.
  11. I will leave a story worth telling behind.