Our Reason

Our Core Principles

  1. We focus on process and product. We focus daily on the processes that make a good product that clients want and need. We focus on what makes a good product and systems and processes that must be applied every day.
  2. We am highly motivated to work on large and game changing client products and services, we invest heavily our time and other resources to ensure that clients have the best in what they need.
  3. We never take a day off. We work on what our clients want, and the systems and processes, everyday.
  4. We work with, we partner with others who are ambitious, goal oriented, have good reputations, and are focused on winning by effort and not by dreaming.
  5. We are focused on social change, which we believe is integral to entrepreneurship in PNG.
  6. We build great teams that are focused on goals and processes. Who is part of our team is as important as what we bring to a team.
  7. What we contribute to the world is as important as what we contribute to our country. We don’t work in isolation but with a team of experts around the globe, all of whom meet our standards of the kind of people who we to work with and have in our lives.